Discover HAWKED, the new extraction shooter, which begins its free open beta – Zona MMORPG

Discover HAWKED, the new extraction shooter, which begins its free open beta – Zona MMORPG

Publisher and developer MY.GAMES has announced that the open beta of HAWKED, their new PvPvE extraction shooter, is getting closer. From August 3 to August 17, the HAWKED open beta will be available on PC via Steam and on the MGLauncher. Details about a planned open beta with crossplay between consoles and PC will be announced at a later date.

The open beta marks the beginning of the HAWKED adventure, launching with the Issue #0. As the game progresses, new ones will be posted. issues that will develop the narrative of the game, accompanied by major seasonal content updates. He Renegade Pass #0 it will be given free to all players who join the open beta. All exclusive cosmetics you unlock with this battle pass will be yours to keep forever (normal game progression will reset when the game fully launches).

HAWKED is an extraction shooter where teams of three players compete to collect and extract artifacts on a remote island called X-Isle. Players (also known as Forsaken) compete against each other to secure and extract artifacts, while also facing different monsters, other players, solving puzzles and avoiding traps.

The first team to extract artifacts from the island wins the game. To make each playthrough more rewarding, players can also mine for smaller treasures and leave the island (dead or alive) with highly valuable currency that can be used to upgrade their character.

Custom Renegades

HAWKED offers great character customization. With a wide range of clothing, hairstyles, and colors to visually customize their characters with, players can mix and match artifacts, gear, and power-ups to create their ultimate treasure hunter to suit their preferred playstyle.equip yourself

Artifacts can be equipped once found on the island. They offer passive bonuses, such as the ability to turn into a bush by crouching or gaining a sixth sense to detect nearby enemies. HAWKED currently has 21 types of artifacts. Players can match three at the same time, and all of them can be found and upgraded at various levels of rarity.

Players will be able to use them alongside 14 different item types, including boomerangs, deployable covers, a Recon Falcon, and more, offering a wide variety of customization and different playstyles. Items and artifacts can be upgraded using currency earned from selling or dismantling treasures in the Riftwake, the social zone of the game. In HAWKED, players can bring their preferred Renegade to the island, from stealthy assassins to a character focused on supporting the team.

A dynamic island
Players must explore X-Isle, a recently discovered cache of treasures. However, the evil and ruthless Disciples have claimed the island and they won’t give it up so easily. X-Isle is a huge and very dynamic map, in which players will have to compete in different parts of the island in each game. Treasures and artifacts are hidden in trap-filled temples and ruins.

Players will also have to use their wits to solve puzzles to open doors and find great treasures. Matches will feature dynamic events, such as a huge Disciple carrying numerous treasures on his back. You have to defeat this boss to get the artifacts from him. Over time, X-Isle will evolve through updates, limited-time events, and seasonal releases.

More news about the full release of HAWKED on PC and other platforms will be posted soon. The open beta will be available on PC via Steam and MGLauncher from August 3 to August 17. The latest news and updates will be shared on the game’s official website and social media

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