How To Troubleshoot Restricted Air Flow In Dyson Hair Dryer

One thing that will go a long way in saving very high cost is learning how to troubleshoot your Dyson hair dryer yourself without the need for any outside help.

Experiencing inconsistent performance with your Dyson Airwrap can be frustrating, mainly due to restricted airflow—a common issue that can arise from various factors.

Recognizing the importance of maintaining optimal performance, this guide i will be making sure that i provides you with a comprehensive guide on troubleshooting and rectifying restricted airflow in your device.

From overheating to unusual noise and a decreased drying efficiency, restricted airflow can significantly impact your styling experience.

However, with the proper knowledge of cleaning the Dyson Airwrap filter and addressing potential airflow issues, you can make sure that your device operates at its best capability, extending its longevity and maintaining its effectiveness for flawless styling each time.

As we delve into the heart of troubleshooting, our discussion will highly cover a wide range of essential topics, from identifying the root cause of airflow restriction to step-by-step guidance on cleaning the filter—a crucial maintenance step.

We’ll also explore how to inspect the air ducts, examine other components that could affect performance, and when to engage Dyson customer support for further assistance.

Whether you’re facing a power issue, a dryer not blowing air, or your Dyson Airwrap stopped working, this article aims to provide the necessary insights and solutions to get your device back in perfect working condition.

Through understanding airflow control, cleaning the filter without a brush, and knowing the signs of when it’s time for a deeper inspection, you’ll have all the tools needed to maintain and troubleshoot your appliance effectively.

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Identify the Issue

Common Symptoms of Restricted Air Flow

When troubleshooting your Dyson hair dryer for restricted airflow, the first step is identifying the common symptoms that indicate an issue. One prevalent symptom is an airflow that is louder than usual, suggesting a blockage or buildup within the device.

Regular filter maintenance is crucial as it can significantly affect the airflow quality. If the airflow seems weaker or the dryer is not performing as efficiently as before, these could also be signs that the airflow is restricted.

Tools You Will Need

Having the right tools at hand is essential to effectively address and resolve airflow issues in your Dyson hair dryer. Start with the basics:

  1. Soft Brush: This brush is useful for gently removing lint and debris from that has been used the filter and other accessible parts without damaging them.
  2. Microfiber Cloth: Helps in cleaning the dryer without leaving scratches or residues.
  3. Screwdriver: This is needed if you have to open any parts of the dryer for deep cleaning or to check for internal blockages.
  4. Replacement Filters: It’s good to have a spare filter to replace if the current one is beyond cleaning.
  5. User Manual: This can provide specific instructions and diagrams for your model, which is handy for troubleshooting specific issues.

By identifying the signs of restricted airflow and using the appropriate tools, you can effectively maintain the performance of your Dyson hair dryer. Regular checks and cleaning can prevent many common issues associated with airflow restriction.

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Check and Clean the Filter

Steps to Remove and Clean the Filter

1. Disconnect the Power Source

Ensure your Dyson Supersonic is unplugged and completely cool before attempting any maintenance. This is crucial for your safety and the integrity of the device.

2. Remove the Filter Cage

  • Hold the handle and pull the magnetic filter cage downward towards the cable. Gently open the cage and slide it off the cable. This step is essential for accessing the filter for thorough cleaning.

3. Clean the Filter and Cage

  • Wipe the filter with a clean, dry cloth to remove loose debris.
  • Soak the cage in a dish soap solution and warm water for at least 30 minutes. This helps to loosen any built-up residue and ensures a deeper clean.

4. Use the Cleaning Brush

  • After soaking, use the cleaning brush included with your Dyson to vigorously scrub the filter cage. This step helps remove any stubborn dirt or lint clinging to the filter.

5. Rinse and Dry

  • Rinse the filter cage thoroughly under running water to remove soap and loosened debris. Shake off excess water and leave the cage to air dry completely before reassembling.

6. Check the Filter Transparency

  • Hold the cleaned filter up to the light. If you can see through it without obstruction, it’s clean. If not, repeat the cleaning process. Never operate the machine without the filter cage, as this could cause damage to the motor.

7. Reassemble and Test

  • Once the filter and cage are dry, reattach them to your Dyson Supersonic. It is crucial to guarantee proper alignment and secure placement of all elements. Run the dryer for a minute to ensure it functions as expected.

As you make sure you are carfully taking these steps, you are sure to effectively clean and maintain the filter of your Dyson Supersonic, ensuring optimal performance and extending your device’s lifespan. Regular cleaning, especially during frequent use, is critical to maintaining the efficiency of your hair dryer.

Inspect the Air Ducts

How to Check for Blockages

When inspecting your Dyson hair dryer for restricted airflow, it’s essential to start by checking the air ducts for any blockages.

Begin by separating the cyclone unit from the clear bin, which allows you to access the ducts more thoroughly. Look into the openings of the duct and bin to identify any visible blockages. If you notice any lint, dust, or debris accumulation, these should be removed promptly to restore proper airflow.

  1. Examine the Cyclone Area: Often a common problem area, the cyclone should be checked for any small objects or buildup that might obstruct the airflow. Remove the wand and bin to peer into the inlet and check for blockages.
  2. Inspect the Smaller Openings: Pay attention to the cyclone’s smaller openings, which are also prone to blockages. A soft brush or a combination tool can help dislodge any trapped debris.

By ensuring these areas are clear, you can significantly improve the performance of your Dyson hair dryer.

Cleaning the Air Ducts

Regular cleaning and getting reed of any dirt on the air ducts is crucial to maintaining the efficiency of your Dyson hair dryer. Here’s how you can effectively clean the air ducts:

  1. Clean the Cyclone Shroud: Start by cleaning the Cyclone Shroud with a cloth or a combination tool. This helps remove any lint and dust that could be affecting airflow.
  2. Gentle Tapping: After checking for blockages, gently tap the cyclone unit on the side of a trash bin. This action can help remove any debris trapped inside the cyclone.
  3. Use a Brush Tool: For thorough cleaning, use a brush tool to remove dirt trapped on the outer mesh of the cyclone. This ensures that all tiny particles are removed, enhancing the airflow.
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By following these steps, you maintain the airflow efficiency and extend the life of your Dyson hair dryer, ensuring it performs optimally for a more extended period.

Regular maintenance checks and make sure that you clean the air ducts are vital actions that support the overall health of your appliance.

Examine Other Components

Check the Attachments and Connections

When examining other Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer components, checking each attachment and its connection to the central unit is crucial.

The magnetic styling attachments, including the Flyaway attachment, Wide-tooth comb, and Diffuser, should attach easily and securely. Each attachment can be rotated 360° to suit your styling needs, enhancing your hair dryer’s versatility and functionality.

  1. Inspect Magnetic Attachments: Ensure that the magnetic attachments are fitting correctly. They should snap into place without any gaps. If they feel loose or do not attach smoothly, there might be an issue with the magnetic connectors.
  2. Rotation Check: Rotate each attachment to ensure it can freely move 360°. This rotation is crucial for adjusting the attachment to your preferred styling angle.

Look for Air Leaks

Air leaks will significantly impact the overall performance of your Dyson hair dryer by reducing the airflow and drying efficiency.

To ensure your device is functioning optimally, it’s very important that you check for any signs of air leaks, particularly around the attachments and hose connections.

  1. Attachment Fit: Check that each attachment, such as the Smoothing nozzle and the Styling concentrator, is securely attached. An improper fit can lead to air escaping, diminishing your dryer’s efficiency.
  2. Hose and Handle Inspection: Examine the hose and handle area for splits or cracks. Even small fissures can lead to significant air leakage. If any damage is found, replacing the part or consulting with Dyson support for repair options may be necessary.
  3. Airflow Test: After checking for physical signs of leaks, turn on your dryer and feel around the attachment and hose connections for any unusual air escape. This tactile test can often reveal air leaks that are not visually apparent.

By thoroughly checking the attachments and connections for proper fit and integrity and inspecting for air leaks, your Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer maintains its high performance and efficiency. Regular maintenance and checks of these components are essential for the long-term health of your appliance.

Consult Dyson Support if Needed

If your troubleshooting efforts do not resolve the airflow issues with your Dyson hair dryer, you may need to consult Dyson’s Customer Support Team for further assistance. They can provide detailed advice, potentially identify the need for a replacement part, or guide you through more complex repairs.

Contact Customer Support

You can contact Dyson’s Customer Support Team by calling 1-866-314-8881 for immediate support. They are available to help troubleshoot any issues you might face with your device.

If you own a Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer Professional edition, please call 1-866-861-2565. Additionally, the Live Chat feature is available for a good and real-time assistance; carefully click the Live Chat button you will see on the Dyson website’s bottom right corner of your screen.

Online Resources and Self-Service

Dyson also offers a variety of online resources that can be faster than calling. Visit their support page and use the step-by-step tool to help get your machine working again. This tool is designed to guide you through the troubleshooting process effectively.

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Replacement Parts

If the customer support team determines that you need a replacement part to resolve the airflow issue, they will guide you through ordering the correct item.

Whether it’s a new Professional concentrator, Smoothing Nozzle, Non-slip heat mat, Wall cradle, or Supersonic stand, these genuine Dyson parts ensure your hair dryer runs smoothly. You can order these directly from the Dyson website or through customer support.

Additional Contact Options

For more detailed inquiries or out-of-hours assistance, you can reach a Dyson employee at 866-861-2565 around 9 AM and 9 PM EST every Monday to Friday or 10 AM to 6 PM on Saturdays. Email support is also available at, and their team is responsive via live chat, Facebook, or Twitter. Dyson’s help pages provide valuable information for quick answers outside of business hours.

Utilizing these support options ensures that every aspect of your Dyson hair dryer functions optimally and any issues are addressed promptly and efficiently.


Through comprehensive exploration and precise guidance, this article is a reliable resource for addressing restricted airflow issues within your Dyson Airwrap.

We’ve journeyed through identifying symptoms, gathering necessary tools, meticulously cleaning filters and air ducts, examining various components for optimum connection and performance, and, when essential, seeking further assistance from Dyson Support.

These steps are pivotal for troubleshooting and ensuring your device’s longevity and efficiency, offering a path to restore and maintain its peak performance for a seamless styling experience.

Understanding the foundational aspects of maintaining your Dyson Airwrap, from routine checks to deep cleaning practices, fortifies your ability to address and rectify airflow restrictions preemptively.

This proactive approach enhances the device’s functionality and ensures a lasting, effective performance, enriching your styling routine.

As we conclude, remember that regular maintenance, combined with a keen eye for the signs of restricted airflow, are your best tools in preserving the impeccable function of your Dyson hair dryer, embodying the essence of intelligent, informed appliance care.


1. How do I perform a reset on my Dyson hairdryer?

To reset your Dyson hairdryer, follow these steps:

  1. Plug the device into a functional socket and press the yellow ‘Test’ button.
  2. Wait for the red ‘Reset’ button, then unplug the device.
  3. While it’s unplugged, carefully with one of your fingers press the red ‘Reset’ button.
  4. Replug the device into the socket and check if it powers up correctly.

2. What might cause a Dyson hair dryer to cease functioning?

A common reason for a Dyson hair dryer to stop working is overheating, typically caused by a clogged filter. Regular maintenance is crucial for preventing this issue. The article ‘Maintaining your Dyson Supersonic™ hairdryer,’ available on our community page, provides detailed maintenance tips.

3. How can I reset my Dyson Airstraight?

To reset the Dyson Airstraight, press on the TEST button. Doing this should prompt the RESET button to pop out, showing a red collar. If the RESET button does not pop out, do not attempt to use or power on the appliance.

4. Why does my Dyson hair dryer intermittently turn off during use?

If your Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer is shutting off unexpectedly, it might be due to a dirty filter. This issue can be indicated by flashing red or white lights or overheating devices. Clean the filter very well every month so to maintain optimal performance, as demonstrated in our video guide on filter maintenance.

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