A group of scientists say they have found the superconductor that can radically change the world

A group of scientists say they have found the superconductor that can radically change the world

LK99, this is the name of the superconductor that scientists have created and that works at room temperature.

A group of scientists say they have found the superconductor that can radically change the world
The conduction of electrical energy is one of the topics that has been studied in detail since the creation of the light bulb.

just a week agospecifically on July 22, was published in the Cornell University a paper written by a group of scientists in which they prove to have discovered and created a superconductor that works at room temperature. If the data is correctthe world would be at the gates of a new technological revolution like never before in history.

For decades, as the physicist tells Paul Gila in a Twitter thread, searching for such a superconductor has been the Holy Grail physics for decades. Therefore, if the published data is true and correct, it would mark a historical milestone. the LK99as the new superconductorhas some well defined characteristics.

The LK99 is the new superconductor that has all the experts expecting

Before continuing, it is necessary to clarify what is a superconductor? Well, this is explained with a very simple example. When one of our devices is charging, such as our mobile phones or laptops, this one gets hot right? That means that the components are making resistance to the passage of electrical energy.

For this reason, materials are sought that allow energy to pass through. more easilyone that is used from time to time, although it is restricted because of its price and scarcity, it is gold. However, there are other elements that do not oppose this electricity and are known as superconductors. As Pablo Gila points out.

the LK99 It seems that you got this at room temperature, since other superconductors that exist need to be cooled to very low temperatures for this to occur. “Magic” and let the current pass. This implies a additional expense and some concrete conditions.

the LK99 eliminate this inconvenience and let the electricity through without any resistance. Scientists have achieved this by substituting some carbon atoms lead for copperwhich has caused the electrons to squeeze inside to form superconducting quantum wells.

We will have to wait for the data to be confirmed in other laboratories

If all this is confirmedsince the data shown by the paper are being quite discussed, the possibilities of application would be infinite for the human being. We would be talking about the possibility of creating trains of magnetic levitation, batteries that charge instantly either particle accelerators. It would also make it easier to make quantum computers that can do 9,000 years of work in 36 milliseconds.

Another important thing that is emphasized in the published text is that this superconductor would be easy to produce with materials that are in any laboratory. Moreover, the “recipe” of this has been published and occupies a single page folio. Are needed 34 hours of work to achieve it.

As important as this discovery could be, the author of the thread has already pointed out flaws in everything that has been known about the LK99. For example, in the posted images it doesn’t appear to be as superconducting as they say. In addition, the responsible team has left in the air if they have done more tests with it. which leaves a feeling of full ambiguity.

Will have to wait a few weeks to see if everything that has been published about the LK99 is confirmed or remains all in one disappointing illusion. The search for superconductors every day is step up more. It seems that it is a challenge from the technology industry. At the beginning of the year there was talk of the ‘Red Matter’ as another superconductor.

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