FromSoftware does a clever thing to keep newbies and veterans alike happy in Armored Core – Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon

If you are one of the few faithful who have been waiting for more than a decade for the return of the FromSoftware mechas, you can breathe easy

I said in the advance of Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon recently published in 3DJuegos, that I was one of the skeptical veterans who looked askance at many of the news that had been announced for modernize the formula original. whatCheckpoints? Repair kits? Change parts in the middle of a contract? “My game is being casualized by Dark Souls fans” she thought. Now that he had the chance to spend an entire afternoon playing AC VI, I see that he was wrong. FromSoftware has done something that seems very clever to me when it comes to adapting the formula to the needs of modern audiences.

And I’ll summarize it as follows: there are plenty of great little improvements that make the game more accessible to the new public, but if you are a real veteran, you can continue playing exactly as you did before and you won’t come across anything shocking. You don’t need to complete the tutorials, because you already know how to play, and therefore you don’t get new pieces as a reward for completing them either. Since you have few pieces, you have to repeat missions that you have already done to get more money with which to buy others.

If you have just enough money to buy parts, then you have to “exchange” them for others: sell the old one and buy the new one afterwards. Like old times, when it was abused that the purchase price is the same as the sale price. Also, if you fall into a mission, you are offered the chance to exit or restart it instead of loading the last check pointso you can go back to the garage to pick up new parts if you don’t want to spend your life replaying an impossible fight and losing more and more bounty credits for your mistakes.

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There are plenty of little big improvements that make the game more accessible to a new audience.

The list goes on and on, but the idea is that basically the quirks that made Armored Core such a hard game to swallow are still there; only now you have new options and paths which you can choose if you want to make the experience a little less harsh. At the end of the day, the game is still as demanding as ever; it’s just a matter of how we work around those challenges. For example, I appeal to newbies: the possibility of respawning in front of bosses it is not so advisable as it seems. If you’re not good at it, the most normal thing is that they beat you up again because you don’t have the right pieces; And if that is the case, then it is time to leave the mission as it was done decades ago.

The point of those kinds of possibilities, rather, is that if you’re perfectly poised to win but fail on a foolish thing, you have the option of replaying the encounter instead of making you start the entire mission path from scratch. Here there are no bonfires, no shortcuts; progress is made by learning and reacting as promised from the beginning. But at least they reach out to you. They offer you tutorials to understand some mechanics that are much deeper than what I initially had in mind, the interface accompanies you at all times explaining what you are seeing and at a visual and audio level everything is clearer than in the past. It takes less time to get to the fun parts.

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