The story of the canceled Zelda that did not arrive together with Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages

The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages shouldn’t be a duo, but should have been accompanied by a third game that ended up being cancelled. We remember The Legend of Zelda: Mystical Seed of Courage:

Today is a great day for the most nostalgic fans of the saga The Legend of Zelda, since Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons can already be played on the Game Boy virtual console thanks to Nintendo Switch Online. These two mythical deliveries are back.

For this reason, it has given us to remember the history of these particular installments of the saga that enjoyed a very distinctive release when going as a couple and that spoke wonders of Capcom before it was consecrated with the fantastic Zelda The Minish Cup.

However, the duet they formed Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages it will always be incomplete, since the original idea was to release a third game that would shape the Triforce saga. We talk about The Legend of Zelda: Mystical Seed of Courage for Game Boy Color. This is his story:

The forgotten third “Zelda Oracle” that was in development

Back in 1999, Nintendo outlined this Triforce saga made up of three games that would represent the three values ​​that make up the legendary symbol of the franchise. they would be called Zelda Mystical Seed of Wisdom, Mystical Seed of Power and finally, Mystical Seed of Courage.

Wisdom, Power and Valor would be represented by three unique installments, but intertwined with each other. Almost emulating the strategy of Pokémon with Red, Blue and Yellow u Gold, Silver and CrystalMiyamoto had already given the green light to this project.

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A year before the launch of these installments in 2001, it was glimpsed for the first time The Legend of Zelda: The Mysterious Acornthe prototype of the ambitious idea, but one of the games began to clash.

With the passing of the months it was seen that this Mystical Seed of Courage had trouble intertwining with the other two titles. The potholes began to be felt on the road and threatened to knock everything down.

The problem coordinating three stories caused difficulties in the development and several delays, something that was not exactly ideal, since the cycle of Game Boy Color It began to close with a Game Boy Advance almost ready for its premiere.

Therefore, the one we know as Mystical Seed of Courage was discarded in July 2000 and gradually fell into oblivion as one of those canceled Zelda games that would never see the light of day. What do we know about this third party?

Legend of Zelda

The truth is that not much has been made clear, despite the fact that years and years have passed since then. Technically, Farore would be the one to represent this game as an oracle (as Din and Nayru did in the other installments).

The deity would have had a pivotal role in the game, but nothing about the story has been revealed. Although, Shigeru Miyamoto came to point out in an interview with Famitsu (via IGN) that the original idea was to play the three games in this saga sequentially.

Instead, the connected system that would define Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages was chosen, but the curious thing is that it is said that Mystical Seed of Courage would have been the first installment focused on solving temporary puzzles depending on the time of day. day.

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This has led to think that the game could have been adapted to the Oracle saga under the name Oracle of Hourssomething that collided a bit with the idea of ​​Oracle of Ages… Here’s another reason why it was discarded.

Fans of the saga know that, despite their similarities, Oracle of Seasons focused more on combat and Oracle of Ages enjoyed proposing all kinds of puzzles to the player. Now, we wonder what this missing game would have stood out for.

As for the Graphic material, the only official thing that remains is a logo. The rest comes from external leaks of dubious origin, so the mysticism around this canceled game remains intact.

zelda oracle

The story of The Legend of Zelda: Mystical Seed of Courage is one of those that is always worth reviewing so that it does not fall into oblivion, although all this has been an excuse to insist that you have to replay Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages in nintendoswitch.

These installments are legends within the saga due to their approach and despite the fact that ages and seasons have passed, any time is a good time to give them a new review, and even more so now with the comforts of being able to play them again on modern hardware.

Just a few weeks ago we compiled all the games in the The Legend of Zelda saga that you can play now on Nintendo Switch and also the list with the best rated Zelda games according to their notes on Metacritic. Where are Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages placed?

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