The Massimo Dutti ‘special prices’ caftan dress that is a hit among bohemians: comfortable, fresh and patterned

The Massimo Dutti ‘special prices’ caftan dress that is a hit among bohemians: comfortable, fresh and patterned

Fatima Moyano

There are garments that arrive in the sector by chance, others because they are swept along by fashion trends such as “Y2K” or “old money” and, even, there are pieces that are revalued by a specific celebrity (or perhaps nobody remembers the phenomenon that , at the time, caused Brigitte Bardot’s LBD in Do you want to dance with me?)

Fashion garments come and go and there are only a privileged few that remain undefeated over time, to any ephemeral fashion. It is the case of the eternal jeans, white shirts, raincoats or moccasinsbasic wardrobe items that are completed with other milestones of the season and that, this 2023, add a new companion to their exclusive group that, for several seasons, has led the summer season: kaftans.

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How do you read dear, this clothing that combines tradition and trend continues to lead in the warm season and, if during 2021, it entered as a new version of those cool tunics that the bohemians wore on the beach, two years later it revalidates the title in a big way.

It is only necessary to take a brief look at the leading firms to find among their ranks, at least, a couple of related models. We already saw it with those kaftans reduced to half price in Desigual, also with the super signings of Zara that weeks ago we noted in our shopping guide, even Massimo Dutti has joined with several key models that you won’t be taking off all season.

The Massimo Dutti caftan dress that you have to book before it runs out

And it is precisely that the most exclusive firm of the Inditex group does not stop issuing this type of garment with which dressing in the latest fashion and being fresh is easier than ever. As easy as it is cheap, be careful, since among the special prices of Massimo Dutti we have found a caftan-type dress that women of all ages won’t want to take it off all season long.

Massimo Dutti

We are talking about a design made of 100% linen fabric, with a V-shaped neckline and various details that imitate this traditional silhouette. An example are its frayed details on the neck and cuffs, as well as the tieable cords on the back of the neck and back, which guarantee a better fit.

In addition, it has wide sleeves and a hem with a side opening, to keep you cool, but above all comfortable, whatever your next destination. The best? Her print. Bohemian-inspired, this discounted silhouette is designed with a navy blue tie-dye print, which couldn’t be more flattering to everyone who wears it.

Massimo Dutti

Made in Portugal, this linen caftan becomes the most practical and versatile option of the season that, in addition, they will be able to dress without problems at all ages and for all kinds of plans. In addition, we cannot miss its price, since when located in the special prices section, this collection item has a special discount, going from 90 euros to a cheap 60 euros.

Good, nice and cheap, the three B’s that we like so much. Don’t hesitate any longer! This summer it is time for you to invest in a caftan (once you try it, you will not stop adding new models to your wardrobe).

Six kaftans to sign for your summer wardrobe

And if you like the Massimo Dutti model, but want to discover what other opportunities the season offers you, you’re in luck. There are countless models and, from the writing, we have prepared a list of six dresses that are a true dream.

Magda dress by Maksu


The Magda dress is made of a very special fluid fabric with a print, embroidery, short sleeves and a V-neckline.

Price: €195

100% linen tunic, by Oysho


Tunic dress made of 100% linen with a polo neck, wide short sleeves and hem with side slits.

Price: 20 euro

Oversized kaftan dress, from H&M


Ankle-length dress in crepe fabric, oversize cut, wide short sleeves with a V-neck and front button fastening.

Price: 25 euro

Linen dress, by Parfois


Midi dress made of 100% linen fabric with a V-neck and front button closure.

Price: 46 euro

Calanova Caftan, by Muscari


Kaftan with a geometric print in fuchsia tones, with a vee neckline and maxi batwing sleeves. It has a panel detail in the front center to give volume to the garment.

Price: 52 euro

Tunic dress with linen, from Zara


Tunic dress made of a linen blend fabric, V-neck, short sleeves and asymmetric hem.

Price: 40 euro

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