Wreck with touch: expert advice to go wild in summer without losing style

A father and a son on a day at sea.Getty.

The beach is a style detector infallible. Sea salt can leave some ideal surf wavesbut it is also a elegance shredder. Whoever knows how to successfully get out of the trance of going with bags, towels, chairs or the like and the inevitable plastic bags with the water bottle, the magazine or whatever we just bought before reaching the shore is a crack. The phenomenon by which we become a kind of castaways or of ‘walking dead’ beach shoes It is known, but that does not mean that we resign ourselves. It’s more, We are going to try to improve ourselves while maintaining the wild touch that favors so much in its proper measure. Let’s start with something as basic as personal care.

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Going to the beach is not disheveled

The humidity leaves the hair in foxes; therefore, we don’t spend so much time combing it. But if we don’t comb it, the result is even worse on the beach. What came before, the non-combed egg or the straw-haired hen? The reality is that on the beach care is appreciated. It is not so much the hairstyle that matters as the quality and texture of the hair. This means that, although men and women forget about the dryer, the more hydrated and conditioned the hair is, the better it will respond to humidity.

When you bathe, whether in the sea or in the pool, do not forget Rinse hair with fresh shower water, untangle it gently, in parts, and with wide-toothed combs or even with your fingers. Remember that when the hair is wet is when it is most vulnerable. If you are going to be very exposed to the sun, consider covering it with a cotton scarf. All this will not only serve to take care of it, but so that offer a more polished look.

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Skin alert: take care of it by the sea

The sunscreen is applied at home, ideally 30 minutes before arriving at the beach. This makes it start protecting us from minute one. Once there, remember reapply it at least every two hours and do not expose yourself too much to direct sun. Even if you think not, the reverberation of the arena also triggers the production of melatonin.

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The facial skin is more delicate. Nothing makes us look more grounded than a face exposed to wind and sun, especially in the case of men, with more expression wrinkles. resort to thermal water sprays and your favorite moisturizing cream, better with protection factor. With these skin and hair care products, we have already taken the first step to recover the lost style. Now let’s go with the clothes.

Posing for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit special, a dream pursued by 10,000 women

Styling: what makes us look careless?

“We tend to leave clothes that we don’t like very much, or that are not in perfect condition, in the corner of ‘to go to the beach’says Roberto Sánchez, image consultant and author of ‘Your best version’.

For this expert, the first attack against style begins there: in taking to the beach what we have discarded at home. “Throughout the year, we get excited about the time to go to the sea or the pool… Let’s get great with the clothes and accessories designed for those environments”, he affirms emphatically. In any case, what should we avoid? What makes us look careless? The stylist is clear:

  • Quality swimwear: “Swimsuits that have lost their color or even a little shape… absolutely, no. We must check that they are in good condition and, if they are not, change them. Here it is very important that we take quality into account, since if they are good, they can last us perfectly several years”.
  • impossible t-shirts: “We are referring to those t-shirts that we don’t like to wear in our day to day and we leave them to go to the beach: they are usually already very worn or they don’t fit us well”.
  • carrier mode: “Many times we arrive at the beach with a thousand things in hand, such as the towel, our bottle of water, creams, the book, the mobile phone… but we don’t fit everything in the bag we carry and we end up carrying them in hands. This can be easily solved with a bag suitable both in size and material for going to the beach.”
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What makes us win style?

The first stylistic recommendation is that less is more. Few accessories, but quality. And useful: if the figure breaks down from being loaded with a thousand things, we can hardly maintain a certain elegance. As for what to wear or what to avoid, the expert advises comfortsomething that is not at odds with the design or -again- with the quality:

  • Watch the swimsuit: “A kimono or a caftan is very useful to wear over a bikini or swimsuit when we go out to or from the beach or when we feel like going out for a drink. In the case of men, a shirt in a light and fresh fabric, such as linen They are very comfortable garments and perfectly complement our beach look”.
  • The classiest accessory: “I bet on a classic panama hat. In addition to being much cooler than a cap, it will protect us from the sun and add an interesting touch to our beach look. It is important to choose the right model and size for each one.”
  • Suitable footwear: “We can get out of the classic flip flops and try models, for example, with a double strap and buckle or in colors that are not neutral, daring to use more intense or less common tones”, a fun point that will add interest to the look and move away from the style castaway.

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