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July 27, 2023, 2:55 p.m.

At the end of July we took out our fashion magnifying glass to find those clothes that nobody has noticed and are super discounted. One of them is this lefties shirt dress that we are talking about today and that has nothing to envy to the beach dress of less than €4 from the same brand. It is a garment that is very versatile and you can have options during the last throes of summer and also in the first weeks of fall.


It is a short long-sleeved dress with a shirt collar and front button closure. It has a matching belt and buttons on the cuffs. It has a white flower print on a pastel yellow background and is made of a comfortable and pleasant flowing 100% viscose fabric.

The Lefties dress with sweeping sleeves

His sleeves is one of the body parts that make him a versatile garmentbecause depending on the temperature of each day we can play with them to create different outfits.


It is very easy to place them at the height we want. We only have to take two of the finite hair bands of a similar color to the fabric of the dress.

We will place them on the arms in such a way that they hold the fabric but do not bother us, nor do we feel too much pressure. Then, with the fabric of the sleeve itself, we will wrinkle it over the rubber to hide it.

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Another aspect that makes this dress so versatile is its color. Well, it is a pastel yellow that fits very well in summer outfits, combined with other stronger tones, either from the same color range or that contrast.

In the same way, this soft tone can also be perfectly integrated into autumn looks, adding neutral tones such as sand, chocolate and beige tones.

On the other hand, its fabric belt also helps to give a different look depending on the look we want to create. If we want to give it a more relaxed air, we can do without this piece, letting the loose dress fall without adjusting the body. But if we want to create a more structured outfit, we can use this fabric tape to mark the waist.


If all this has convinced you, you are in luck, because this piece can be yours with an unbeatable 76% discount. Its original price was 12.99 euros. Then it went to 3.99 euros and now it can be yours for only 2.99 euro.

How to wear a shirt dress with style

  • Masculine look: bet on a dress that replicates the aesthetics of a men’s shirt, in a dress version. Choose it wide and with the typical striped pattern. You can put a very feminine counterpoint with some complement. In the case of this dress, you can achieve the same effect without the belt.
  • Create a layered look for halftime. Put on a white satin lingerie shirt with lace in the neckline area and on top of the dress with the buttons on the open chest. Now tie the fabric belt of the dress and add a perfect brown jacket over it. Finish off with a beige wool hat and a medium-sized brown leather bag.
  • Mediterranean look: Bet on natural fabrics like linen and light colors, like this shade of yellow, to create that relaxed aesthetic of summers on the coast. Add raffia accessories.
  • with belt: if you want to avoid the sack effect, mark the waist with a belt. Many of these dresses come with this accessory incorporated, either in the fabric of the dress itself or in a leather effect material. In this case, you can replace the fabric belt that it already has with this other option that we propose.
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